Writing the Monday Briefing


When I was selecting my editing shifts over winter break, I made sure to keep my eyes peeled for any potential opportunity to utilize writing. Luckily, I was assigned a daytime shift on Sundays and was placed in charge of writing the Monday briefing, a Missourian newsletter that gets sent to the inboxes of subscribers every week. Immediately, I knew this would be an incredible opportunity for me to help bridge the gap between the Missourian and our subscribers. Writing the newsletter afforded me the perfect chance to humanize our reader base and speak directly to them in a way we can’t do through regular stories. In fact, writing the newsletter gave me a better chance to engage with our audience than writing on social, even though social media is supposedly a direct platform. Because I had more space to work and my job was to aggregate, I was able to use my own voice as a writer to summarize and tell the week’s stories in a personal and human way. In particular, my favorite part of writing the newsletter was having the opportunity to create it on or around a special event. I figured this out early, as in the very first newsletter I wrote I began counting down the days until Valentine’s Day. With this method, I tried to find something each week that the readers could look forward to — something we can generally all use on a Monday morning. In the same vein, when I wrote a briefing that was released on April 1, I made an extra effort to include a silly joke that would ideally get a few chuckles out of our readers as they embark on their work week. As the semester went on, I got better at summarizing descriptions for stories and finding the right places to paraphrase. I also continued to get better at writing headlines as time went on, and became more comfortable including jokes, puns and lighthearted language in my brief descriptions for each story. I’m really going to miss sending a little piece of myself out to the public every week on behalf of the Missourian — I wonder if readers will notice when somebody else starts writing it.

Here are the links to the newsletter from every week so far excluding week 2, which I missed due to illness.